Record making is definitely one of the things I love most.
The excitement of realizing a sonic vision is only magnified by the evolution that occurs along the way, often leading to different and sometimes even more interesting music.
When working with artists, I strongly believe in the importance of finding their authentic “voice”, their “essence”. Once established, creative development will flow naturally.

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Lunar Focus

I composed and produced the EP “Life’s Happening” for synth-pop band Lunar Focus. Inspired by electronica music and an urban San Francisco vibe, this collection of songs is colorful, upbeat and full of different textures combining old school and modern sounds.


Feedback on “Life’s Happening”:

“Great work on these! I love all the arrangements, the grooves and the synths, etc. Really cool stuff you have here. It reminds me a little at times of Roxy Music…which to me is a good thing! I like the nods to some retro sounds in it a lot. Very nice production too–the recording sounds great–a really good listen.”

Greg Reeves, Composer/Producer/Sound Designer of Cordovan Music