Jasmine Trailer

This trailer for 24-minute short film titled Jasmine provides a sample of the score I created for the film. Working with writer/director Steven J. Warner, the inspiration was to create a solo piano piece to complement the dramatic and soulful film of life and love under trying circumstances.

GunLady Official Trailer

I worked directly with Director/Producer Ray Vernazza to score this trailer for feature film GunLady. In the intro, Ray asked me to evoke the national anthem with distorted guitars as Jimi Hendrix did in “Star Spangled Banner”. As the trailer progresses, the music builds in tension, adding ambient sounds from the Middle East inspired by the dialogue, to finally end with straight heavy rock.

This trailer was selected as a finalist in the 2012 “Trailer Festival” in Los Angeles amongst 3800 entries.

Los Angeles

I composed this track for “Los Angeles” in the “Last Photo” video series with interactive artist Ivan Cash. Ivan traveled to different cities and asked random strangers about the last photo on their phone. I had to come up with a groovy but mellow beat, evoking a relaxed and cool west coast vibe.

The “Last Photo” video series received national and international press including: Yahoo, MSNBC, Daily Mail, Fast Company and more.

Middleman Score Edit

These are selected clips from my score for Middleman, a 16-minute short film by Writer/Director Jessiqa Pace. It is the story of protagonist “Mark Middleman” who is caught in the middle of a string of bad luck as he loses his job, his home and his girlfriend. The music I created combines acoustic elements such as pianos, cellos and drums with electric guitars to create the at times melancholic, though ultimately optimistic mood.

This film was an official selection for the 2013 International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles.